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The Listening Brain

Aug 11, 2021

Linda Daniel is a Board Certified, Licensed Audiologist and Listening and Spoken Language Specialist/Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist with over 45 years’ experience in the field. She earned a BS in Speech and Hearing Science from the University of Iowa, a MA in Audiology from the University of Denver, and a MS in Communication Disorders from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In her graduate education, Linda focused on aural rehabilitation, language development, and human information processing. She is owner of HEAR In Dallas, a private practice in which she provides aural rehabilitation services to individuals of all ages around the world. Via telehealth, she provides her services to individuals with hearing loss living in diverse cultures.

Linda’s mission is to assist patients in living within the hearing-speaking mainstream of education and society when possible. With dual graduate degrees, she serves a widely heterogeneous population of individuals with hearing loss, including those with associated disorders and complex situations. Her special interests include cochlear implants, auditory brainstem implants, family coaching, processing of multisensory input, cognitive functions of audition and communication, and adapting the Principles of Auditory-Verbal Practice to people in diverse cultures. She is a well-known presenter at state, national, and international conferences, and guest lecturer at universities. She served as the first Chair of the Examination Development Committee of the Certification Council of Auditory-Verbal International in the 1990’s. Linda is current Chair of the Education Committee and a volunteer for the Dallas Hearing Foundation.

In addition, Linda enjoys mentoring university interns and professionals. She is first author of a recently published textbook entitled Video-based Aural Rehabilitation Guide: Enhancing Listening and Spoken Language in Children and Adults. This university level textbook includes 200 video segments illustrating a wide range of topics related to hearing loss such as hearing technologies, communication development, education, family involvement, comorbid conditions, psychosocial aspects, and advocacy. With an average of 20 videos integrated into the 10 chapters, this is an invaluable resource for professionals and families affected by hearing loss.

Currently, Linda is producing hour-long videos of therapy in listening and spoken language with children and adults and interviews on topics related to hearing loss for Simucase, which maintains a video library accessed by speech and hearing instructors in over 300 universities worldwide ( Linda has devoted her life to improving the lives of individuals with hearing loss and their families and educating future professionals.

Linda L. Daniel, Owner of HEAR In Dallas

MA Audiology, MS Communication Disorders

ABA Board Certified Audiologist, ASHA CCC-A, TX Licensed Audiologist

Listening and Spoken Language Specialist, Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist